miss kitty’s saloon


ever since i ran (can i call it that? i should probably call it jogged) past this new restaurant and small bar on beaufort street last week, i’ve been dying to try it out. and rod was right there beside me championing the cause, because as we all know, he is a fan of any place that boasts a menu including items such as ribs, hot wings and poutine…

so after a long day at work for the both of us yesterday, we packed up the baby and took a ride around the corner to check it out.

a family restaurant, it is not (no highchairs in sight), but the girls were more than happy to seat us in a booth so that thatchy could perch right up there between us and munch on his b.y.o. turkey meatballs and wholegrain pasta (he may even have got to share in some of dad’s tamarind ribs at one point there too).

we ordered a feast of dishes to share including the fried pickles, hot wing pancakes, charcoal tamarind pork ribs, crisp corn fritters, bbq mopped chicken and poutine. and it was all amazing (rod wasn’t such a fan of the blue cheese garnish on top of his hot wing pancake and maybe even spat it out, but let’s not go into that). my favourite? the corn fritters, followed a close second by those amazing ribs.





while miss kitty’s saloon could afford to have a little more effort put into the outside of the restaurant, i don’t think they will have any problem filling the seats and i will definitely be back. rod, on the other hand, is in two minds – the food was good, but for him, it doesn’t come close to beating tony roma’s.

i just really love that this hip new place in just around the corner and can imagine myself and the girls have some rather messy nights here in days to come.




welcome to the neighbourhood, miss kitty.

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